Relocation of Crime Prevention Unit

  • Helen Clark
Prime Minister

The Crime Prevention Unit is to be relocated to the Ministry of Justice from its current home in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC), Prime Minister Helen Clark and Justice Minister Phil Goff announced today.

"Crime prevention lies at the core of the Government's justice strategy so it makes sense to locate the unit dedicated to crime prevention within the agency which has the central responsibility for this policy.

"An independent review of the Unit recommended that relocation within the Justice Ministry would achieve better research, coordination and development of crime prevention strategies. It would enhance the cohesion and purpose with which central government agencies implement crime prevention strategies," the Ministers said.

"The aim of our efforts in the justice area is to build a safer community where there is less crime and fewer victims of crime. The best way to help victims is by stopping them becoming victims in the first place.

"We will never reduce crime simply by providing more courts and building more prisons. We need measures to stop crime before it happens.

"The relocation of the CPU underscores this government's determination to give crime prevention greater priority and a higher profile within the justice system.

"Having a dedicated unit focussing on crime prevention has been a successful formula. The Crime Prevention Unit will continue as a dedicated unit.

"The key to the success of the Crime Prevention Unit has been the partnership it has forged between central and local government and the community in crime prevention," Mr Goff said.

"I will be directing the Ministry of Justice to give the Crime Prevention Unit's community safety work high priority and resources.

"The annual Prime Ministerial forum of safer community councils will carry on.

"Some of our best crime prevention initiatives are generated from community level. Community safety initiatives will continue to drive our crime prevention strategy.