• Jenny Shipley

"The Coalition Government can re-build public confidence in the period after the referendum on compulsory superannuation, by delivering a sound economic growth programme," Transport Minister Jenny Shipley said today.

"An important part of that will be a socially and economically responsible retirement income scheme that gives certainty and encourages voluntary savings," Mrs Shipley told the Masterton Business Enterprise Breakfast this morning.

"If tomorrow night the results of the referendum show a majority have voted YES, then I will actively assist in implementing the Retirement Savings Scheme. If there is a NO vote the country must then consider the options for future retirement income provision.

"The Periodic Report Group headed by Jeff Todd has given us some useful direction. It says current superannuation arrangements are satisfactory in the medium term and there are a number of options for change beyond that.

"We have the time and the opportunity to do the work on the details and costs of the options, so that the public can then have an informed debate on the benefits and risks. It is my hope that we can reach accord across parliament and across the country, to provide certainty for future generations.

"I believe superannuation should be a blend of public and private provision, with some level of universal payment and extra support for those who need it. If we are to be a successful nation, it's my view that we must discuss that balance of fairness and responsibility not just in relation to superannuation, but in all aspects of our society. I believe that low taxes, with targeted assistance for those in need, is the best option for this country.

"The Coalition Government must set the scene for New Zealanders to be able to achieve their ambitions, for themselves and for the whole country. Politically we must be clear sighted, deliberate and innovative.

"The Coalition Government team's economic growth programme is focussed on building a strong, self-reliant community through measures such as repaying debt, lowering taxes and reducing trade barriers. That will enable New Zealanders to meet their ambitions for themselves and the whole nation.

"In my portfolio areas, we are looking at asset sales and improvements in the efficiency of ACC. In transport, gains can be made by developing an efficient and effective road funding and management system. The Coalition Government will be making decisions on the Land Transport Pricing Study before the end of this year.

"New Zealanders applaud success, and the Coalition Government can deliver that success," Mrs Shipley concluded.