Rate Rises Need To Be Contained

  • David Carter
Senior Citizens

Garry Moore deserves praise for speaking out against planned rate rises for Christchurch, but the Mayor needs to do more than "talk the talk".

MP for Banks Peninsula, David Carter, says Mr Moore needs to back up his criticism of the council's planned rate increases with action.

"Talk is easy. Mr Moore now needs to deliver for Christchurch ratepayers who have been stunned at a preliminary council report outlining huge rate increases."

"The Mayor will need to specify where spending will be cut and which planned rate increases will be pruned to address ratepayer concerns about extravagant spending."

"The previous Council administration had no problems spending up large, without thinking of the consequences for ratepayers."

"Mr Moore's actions in speaking out now are commendable, but he needs to follow through with reduced rates for Christchurch people who have suffered some of the highest rate increases in this country."

Close is right - rate increases are nonsensical

MP for Banks Peninsula, David Carter, says Cr David Close has reacted hysterically to the public's reaction to proposed rate increases for Christchurch of up to 19.8 percent.

"Cr Close says my comments yesterday about planned rate rises are irresponsible because my figures are nonsensical."

"I agree they're nonsensical. But they are Council figures. I agree it's crazy that the Christchurch City Council is even considering rate increases of up to 19.8 percent!"

"But how can Cr Close claim they are incorrect?"

"Only today Mayor Garry Moore confirmed again in the Christchurch Press that the council's preliminary budget had included possible rate increases of up to 19.8 percent!"

"Cr David Close would do well to listen to his critics. The general public in Christchurch is not happy at the moment with the council's attitude to spending. We want to see more transparent and level-headed expenditure by the council."