Rapid stocktake of PPE distribution

  • Hon Dr David Clark

The Minister of Health has ordered a rapid stocktake of PPE distribution to ensure that it is making it out from DHBs to frontline health services in a timely and appropriate way.

“Our frontline health workers do an incredibly important job. They deserve access to appropriate PPE,” David Clark said.

“New Zealand has good supplies of PPE, and we have centralised and improved the distribution of it out to DHBs.

“As of Tuesday our national reserve stock of masks stood at over 9 million N95 and 7.4 million procedure masks. DHB stocks were at 1 million N95 masks and 6.3 million procedure masks.

“Last week alone we delivered over 1.6 million general purpose masks to DHBs of which 1.2 million were distributed to providers in their region. 

“We’ve made huge progress in the supply and distribution of PPE - but we are still hearing stories of community providers that are not getting the equipment they have ordered, or are not receiving it in a timely way.

“I want reassurance that each DHB’s distribution system is working. I have asked the Ministry of Health to conduct a quick-turnaround stocktake, looking at the way DHBs are distributing supplies to health services in their regions.

“I particularly want to know how DHBs are distributing PPE to primary care, pharmacies, home care workers and aged residential care. This includes what orders have each DHB received from service providers in the last two weeks, and when and how have those orders been filled.
“I also want to know what systems are in place to deal with any complaints or issues and how they are being resolved.

“This should provide us with a clear picture of any immediate issues that need addressing, while the Office of the Auditor General does its more detailed review (which I welcome),
 David Clark said.

Initial results from the rapid stocktake are expected next week.