Rape Comments Unacceptable

  • Deborah Morris
Associate Minister of Women's Affairs

Neil Kirton was today slammed by the Associate Minister of Women's Affairs, Deborah Morris, and her New Zealand First colleagues, Robyn McDonald, Ann Batten and Jenny Bloxham, for his flippant comments about rape. The comments appeared in today's New Zealand Herald.

"Rape is no joking matter. It is a violent and horrific crime that has profound impacts on its victims.

"Comments that trivialise rape are unacceptable.

"This week, being Rape Awareness Week, is an opportunity for all New Zealanders to consider the issues, raise awareness and challenge attitudes.

"As well as being grossly insulting to his colleagues, Mr Kirton's comments expose a total lack of understanding of the nightmarish reality of rape.

"There is no rational explanation for such tasteless comments. We look forward to working with Mr Kirton in a positive manner in the future to provide support for victims of rape," said Deborah Morris.