Random Act of Kindness Day

  • Tariana Turia
Community and Voluntary Sector

Tomorrow is Random Act of Kindness Day and Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Tariana Turia is encouraging all New Zealanders to participate. 

Mrs Turia says many New Zealanders already act in generous ways whether it is by volunteering, making donations or buying products from charities.

Almost half of all New Zealanders aged 10 years and over make donations to appeals such as street collections.

 "There are many ways you can put kindness into action. It can be for your community by picking up rubbish from your local street or beach, picking friends up to take them to meetings or a special effort to care for older relations or those who are feeling more vulnerable. 

"You could help a neighbour by putting their rubbish out, mowing their lawns or just making time for a cup of tea and having a chat," says Mrs Turia.

"If you know someone who is disabled in your community I know that they would love to have some additional support for either themselves or their family."

"Today is a chance to celebrate the enormous contribution young and old are making everyday to the health and vitality of communities in New Zealand," says Mrs Turia.

"Giving and volunteering are crucial for building strong communities and initiatives such as Random Acts of Kindness Day assist in developing a culture of generosity in New Zealand."