Racing Minister Welcomes Audit Reports

  • Tau Henare

The Minister for Racing, the Hon Tau Henare, today welcomed the release of the audit reports into the Racing Industry Board (RIB) and the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB).

Provisions of the Racing Act require that the RIB and TAB undertake independent performance and efficiency audits at least every five years.

The previous Minister for Racing agreed to the terms of reference for the audits last year. Mr Henare agreed to the appointment of Ernst and Young to undertake both audits this year.

Mr Henare has been fully briefed on the outcome of the audits, which he said raised a number of issues that should be considered carefully.

"And the Government looks forward to receiving the considered views of the industry's representatives," said Mr Henare.

The Minister said he expected the issues raised in the audit reports to be debated vigorously amongst representatives of the three racing codes at their annual meetings starting soon.

"That has to be welcomed and I look forward to future dialogue with the industry over these matters," he said.