Quality in Action - Te Mahi Whai Hua

  • Brian Donnelly
Associate Minister of Education (Early Childhood Education and Maori Education)

A resource book to help early childhood services deliver high quality education and care to young children was formally launched in the Beehive today by the Associate Minister of Education Brian Donnelly.

The title, Quality in Action - Te Mahi Whai Hua, means 'practices that bear fruit.

The book is a reference document for early childhood centres, and answers questions about the key legal requirements in the statements of Desirable Objectives and Practices (DOPs).

Mr Donnelly said that together with Te Whariki, the early childhood curriculum, Quality in Action Te Mahi Whai Hua provided guidance and helpful examples on how early childhood services could recognise good practice and provide high quality services to young children and their families.

'Quality in Action guidance is based on sound theory and research, and gives information on the sources of legal requirements for the sector,' Mr Donnelly said. 'It is a bicultural document which reflects Aotearoa/New Zealand's cultural heritage, and contains the most up-to-date knowledge available on learning and on management.

'This publication provides guidelines for sound practice to take all early childhood services into the 21st Century. I encourage educators and managers to use their professional judgement to interpret and implement the DOPs to suit the philosophy of their own services.

"The initiative will support diversity in the sector and enhance the quality of educational provision in all early childhood services.'