Purpose Of Y2k Monitoring Report Misunderstood

  • Maurice Williamson

Associate Minister of State Services Maurice Williamson today refuted statements from MP Peter Dunne saying he is overstating Government agencies' lack of preparedness for the Year 2000.

"He is wrong in his claims that New Zealand is not going to be ready. This will be demonstrated on Friday when the State Services Commission releases the first in a series of regular reports so New Zealanders can see what progress Government departments and agencies are making and where effort needs to be concentrated so that we will be ready when the time comes.

"Our first priority is to the public. New Zealanders want to be informed of the extent of the Y2K problem and what Government agencies are doing to manage through the change with the least disruption.

"Friday's report will show the Government and more importantly the public, where the areas of concern are, what measures have been taken and where efforts and resources need to be concentrated to ensure we are ready," said Mr Williamson.