Proposed changes to vehicle emissions rules

  • Gerry Brownlee

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee has announced plans to update the rules setting emissions standards for vehicles entering New Zealand.

Proposed changes to the 2007 Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Rule will ensure that New Zealand continues to import new vehicles built to the highest available exhaust emissions standards. Current standards for used vehicles would remain in place.

“The new standards for new vehicles would mirror those recently agreed in Australia for the introduction of the European standards known as Euro 5 and Euro 6. These standards significantly reduce the harmful emissions from these vehicles,” Mr Brownlee said.

“The current emissions rule does not set any standards for used vehicles beyond 2012. When this rule was introduced in 2007, the intention was that a review should take place to consider when to introduce the standard known as Japan 09.

“Much has changed since the 2007 emissions Rule was first drafted. Therefore I am proposing that we review the need for any further standards in 2014.

“Until then the current standards for used vehicles will continue. These were only introduced on 1 January 2012 for petrol vehicles and in 2010 for diesel vehicles and were an important improvement over the earlier standards they replaced.”

A draft amendment rule will be made available for public consultation in June this year, and it is expected that the final amendment rule would come into effect before the end of the year.