Promoting well-being in local communities

  • Hon Nanaia Mahuta
Local Government

The Minister of Local Government Hon Nanaia Mahuta is pleased to welcome legislation that confirms the role local government plays in promoting community wellbeing and gives councils more flexibility to respond to the needs of their communities.

 “Councils play a major role in promoting the well-being of citizens and their communities around New Zealand, shaping places and services to the needs of their communities.

“The Local Government (Community Well-being) Act demonstrates this Government’s commitment to supporting and working with the local government sector,” says Hon Nanaia Mahuta. 

“The Act which came into force yesterday reinstates social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing to the purpose of local government. It also restores the ability of councils to collect development contributions to fund the full range of public infrastructure that growing communities need and want. This includes libraries, swimming pools and changing rooms at sportsgrounds. 

“Restoring development contributions recognises the role of councils in building communities and helps to remove barriers to growth,” says Minister Mahuta.

The Act reverses changes made by the previous government. “Local councils have told us that these changes created confusion about the activities councils could carry out and removed a key funding source to support growth in their communities.

“This legislation aligns with the Government’s wider wellbeing agenda and is a critical step in enabling councils and communities to make decisions about the services and facilities that will enhance their sense of place and the quality of their lives.

“We are determined to work alongside local government to empower communities and give them a stronger voice and role in lifting their own well-being,’’ says Hon Nanaia Mahuta.