Private sector commits to closing the pay gap

  • Paula Bennett

Women’s Minister Paula Bennett has today released guidance for private sector companies about actions they can take to close their gender pay gap.

“The Ministry for Women has spoken to 26 companies about their experiences and what they’re doing to close the gap. Twelve companies have released their profiles publically while another 14 had off the record conversations. These companies recognise addressing this issue is crucial to their organisation and their employees,” Mrs Bennett says.

“It’s a daunting task for companies when they get started. It’s not until we can all start talking publically about this that things will change. That’s why today I’m launching an employers’ guide, ‘Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Actions for Employers’.

“If New Zealand organisations identify and address their gender pay gaps, we can create fairer workplaces and raise incomes for women, families and communities throughout New Zealand. It’s good for business too, diverse companies are more successful.

“The guide is based on New Zealand and international best practice, and applies to companies regardless of whether they are starting their work on their gender pay gap or have established gender and diversity initiatives.”

In New Zealand the national gender pay gap is 12 per cent and that hasn’t changed for more than a decade.

“We know there are a number of factors that impact on an organisation’s leadership and human resources and remuneration policies. If we are serious about the gender pay gap, each of these needs to be looked at and changes made.

“Companies need a plan to close the gender pay gap in New Zealand workplaces. This is just the first step and the Ministry will soon release guidance to assist employers on how to measure their gender pay gap.

The employers’ guide, ‘Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Actions for Employers’ and the profiles of the company executives who were interviewed can be accessed at