Prisons Secure - Goff Scaremongering says East

  • Paul East

Minister of Corrections, Paul East today reassured the public of New Zealand that the country's prisons were secure.

Mr East was responding to claims made in Parliament today by Labour's Phil Goff that the Government was embarrassed by a 1994 report on prison locks.

"It is important for the public to realise that the rate of escapes has reached its lowest level in fifty years. Far from being embarrassed about the security of our prisons the Government is proud of the fact that the current rate of escapes is about half that experienced during the fourth Labour Government."

Mr East accused Mr Goff of deliberately scaremongering by using an out-of-date report to support flimsy claims of poor prison security.

Mr East said that prisons had moved quickly to address security issues identified in the 1994 Chubb report.

"Prison locking mechanisms are checked regularly and prison staff are proactive when it comes to prison security," said Mr East.