Prime Minister Congratulates Enza On 50th Anniversary

  • Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Jenny Shipley congratulated the Apple and Pear Marketing Board and the pipfruit industry for their achievements of the past 50 years, at a special dinner to celebrate the board's 50th anniversary.

"In many ways the history of the board reflects many of key themes in the history of our country. The board was initially set up as a direct result of the disruption of World War II, and helped ease the transition from war to peacetime.

"The industry grew heavily dependent on traditional markets, but changing market conditions since the 1970s have seen more innovation and new technologies flourish."

Mrs Shipley said constantly changing global markets required the Government to review the regulatory framework and structures and how they affected industry.

"We don't want to stand in the way of the wealth creators. We want to help them and we want to remove impediments and barriers so they can get on with the business of creating wealth and more jobs for New Zealanders.

"That's what the producer board review is all about. We have asked ENZA along with the other producer boards to look closely at how they organise and manage their industry and how they will operate in the new millennium.

"The current debate on producer boards affects the livelihoods of many people, which is why the Government has moved carefully and slowly with the review. As the process unfolds, it behoves farmers and producers to keep a close eye on their boards and ensure they deliver what their plans promise.

"As for the Government, we are concerned only with providing an environment that encourages business growth, new jobs, new innovation and new investment.

"That's all we ask of the producer board review process as we look forward to another 50 years of change and prosperity in the pipfruit and other producer industries," Mrs Shipley concluded.