Prime Minister Appoints New Staff

  • Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Jenny Shipley today announced key new appointments in her office.

"As I begin my second year as Prime Minister and as New Zealand gets used to minority Government, new roles filled by people with the appropriate skills are required to manage the workload, the communications and the relationships," said Mrs Shipley.

"Doug Martin will be General Manager/Chief of Staff. Mr Martin brings a unique set of skills from the public and private sector. He assumes the professional management role and will be responsible for office structure, the division of responsibilities between staff, and way the office interfaces with other Ministers' offices and Government Departments. He will also provide leadership in co-ordinating support and maintaining accountability to see that the Government's goals are delivered on.

"Mr Martin has resigned from the Fire Service Commission. He is stepping down as a Director of Martin, Jenkins and Associates for the period he works in the Prime Minister's office and will have no involvement in the management of the firm during that time.

"John Goulter takes up the job of Chief Media Officer. Mr Goulter is a senior and respected journalist. He brings a great deal of political and media experience to this role.

"Janice Rodenburg takes up the role of Advisor, with responsibility for co-ordinating Government communications. She will use the skills and abilities she has developed over the past two years and her political experience as she works with Ministerial offices to see that the Government's goals are consistently defined and that high quality communications are delivered.

"Alastair Bell joins my office as an Advisor. He brings to the office political and business experience. His role will include co-ordinating the Prime Minister's relationships with outside groups.

"The staff will be taking up their new appointments in the New Year.

"Other staff remain in their current roles," Mrs Shipley concluded.