Predictable Whining From Hawkins

  • Jack Elder

George Hawkin's comments on the review of Police illustrate just how out of touch the Labour Party has become to modern New Zealand, Police Minister Jack Elder said today.

The Minister announced the review earlier today, and said it's aim was to ensure the public got the best value from the Police budget, and that as many resources as possible were made available to the front-line policing effort.

"But of all the commentators, Mr Hawkins was the only one to find fault with these aims. He even attempted to resurrect the hoary old bogeyman - a Treasury conspiracy.

"With Stalinesque paranoia, Mr Hawkins says the review is a 'thinly disguised excuse for Treasury to use the next Budget to announce sweeping 'efficiencies''," Mr Elder said.

"It doesn't seem to matter to him that the review is not due to be completed until after the Budget, making his claim laughable."

Mr Elder said Labour had to reassess its opposition to efficiency in Government and its preference to monolithic, centralised, state control.

"These Chardonnay swillers should climb down out of their academic ivory towers and listen to what the public has to say for a change.

"This Government is serious about getting tough on crime, and on providing New Zealanders with the security they deserve.