• Maurice Williamson

On the recommendation of the Commerce Select Committee Parliament yesterday voted not to proceed with former Howick MP Trevor Rogers, Technology and Crimes Reform Bill.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Maurice Williamson in speaking to the Bill however praised the introduction of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Code of Practice.

"While the supply of objectionable material such as child pornography over the Internet is abhorrent, this Bill would not have provided effective control or prevention.

"If anything the Bill had the potential to produce confusing judgements, make enforcement difficult and in hindsight would be viewed as a quick fix that had no sustainability.

"We are far better to utilise existing legislation such as the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act and promotion of an international code of practice for the Internet, the start of which could be the recently adopted New Zealand Internet Service Providers Code of Practice.

"Self regulation such as the New Zealand Code of Practice is the most practical solution to stem pornography and other objectionable material. Most New Zealand ISPs played a part in writing the code and I trust all will want to sign up to it.

"The introduction of a Code of Practice shows that the Internet Industry is coming of age in New Zealand and is acting responsibly towards the community," Mr Williamson said.