Policy Statement On Physical Activity

  • Murray McCully
Sport Fitness and Leisure

The Government has released a Joint Policy Statement on Physical Activity that underpins the Hillary Commission's $2 million 'Push Play' campaign unveiled this morning at Parliament.

The Minister of Health Wyatt Creech and the Minister of Sport, Fitness and Leisure, Murray McCully said today the statement sets out their common agenda for the promotion of physical activity.

"A key outcome from the Joint Policy Statement is that the public health message has changed.

"Research now shows that significant health benefits can be obtained from 30 minutes of moderately intensive physical activity, such as brisk walking, on most - if not all - days of the week.

"Both the Physical Activity Taskforce and the National Health Committee agree that physical activity improves health and can save hundreds of lives each year," the Ministers said.

"While the Hillary Commission does a good job promoting healthy activity, the 'Push Play' campaign will provide a further kick-start by emphasising 'snactivity' or regular 10 minute bites of physical activity into their everyday lifestyles.

"We can't stop at just making sure our young people get involved and enjoy sport and other healthy leisure activities. We have to get everyone tuned into the benefits of regular physical activity.

"By being active for 30 minutes each day we can go a long way towards avoiding and cutting the seriousness of a lot of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

"The Joint Policy Statement highlights the point that physical activity doesn't have to be hard to be good for us, it can also be fun.

"If just 10 per cent more adults became physically active, about $55 million could be saved each year from the country's health bills. That money could go into other health services.

"We want everyone New Zealander to realise that physical activity can be one of the best forms of health insurance around," the Ministers said.