Police Wage Round

  • Jack Elder

Police Minister Jack Elder has offered to meet a delegation of Police Association officials after tomorrow's march by Association members.

Mr Elder said that if the Association accepts the offer he would be restating his belief that the Association should continue working with the independent arbitrator and Police management to achieve a resolution of the dispute.

"Police have a unique pay-setting mechanism involving an arbitrator whose final decision, if he is required to make one, will be binding on the parties."

There is still considerable distance between the two parties, with the Association claiming increases between 26 to 35 percent and costing about $270 million over the term, and the Police offering a package costing $27 million.

The Police offer would see newly graduated constables starting on a total remuneration of $45,000, and produce an increase for most constables over the term of up to 9.46 percent.

"The matter is one for the two parties to sort out with the assistance of the arbitrator. However, as I stated clearly in a 13 February media release, and again in Parliament, it cannot be assumed the Government will automatically cover the full cost of any final settlement," Mr Elder said.