Police reputation survey win applauded

  • Judith Collins

Police Minister Judith Collins has congratulated Police on being named New Zealand’s Most Reputable Government Department in a survey by NZ Management magazine.

It is the second year in a row that Police have been named Most Reputable Government Department.

The magazine said Police’s reputation was based on its strong relationship with the public, a clear and compelling vision and strong and effective leadership.

“One respondent summed up the prevailing sentiment saying: ‘An outstanding organisation, staffed by really motivated people operating successfully in a complex and ambiguous political environment’,” the magazine said.

Ms Collins said there was a strong focus within Police on providing a high level of service, responding quickly and effectively in times of need, and working with communities to improve public safety.

“Each member of Police understands how important the role of Police is, and the high standards of professionalism and excellence that the public expects from them,” Ms Collins said.

“We see this every day as Police are called to deal with difficult and unpredictable situations that require quick thinking, training and leadership.

“We also see it in times of crisis, such as the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes, where Police did an incredible job under the most challenging of circumstances.

“I congratulate the New Zealand Police on this achievement. I am immensely proud that their work has been acknowledged as being among the finest in the public sector."