Police Numbers Very Simple

  • Jack Elder

"There were 6384 sworn police staff when the Coalition Agreement was signed, 6492 when the Budget was delivered, and the Police aim to have 6692 when the next Budget is delivered," Police Minister Jack Elder restated today.

He was responding to comments from Police Association President Greg O'Connor that the Coalition Government was not providing any extra Police staff.

"It's very simple, it's not rocket science. We said we would provide 200 extra police staff in the first financial year, and around 700 recruits are expected to pass through the Police College in that time to achieve this target and to cover officers choosing to leave," Mr Elder said.

"The Coalition Agreement states we will target 500 extra staff over the three year term, and we are well on track to achieve that."

Mr Elder said he had been told by the Police administration that disengagements from the Police had been lower than expected in recent months, and there had been no problems with recruitment.

The current level of sworn police staff compares with 5090 officers in 1990, and the police budget has never been higher, he said.

"I know Mr O'Connor is facing a challenge for the leadership of the union and is trying to raise his profile ahead of the election, but he still has the responsibility to not mislead the public," Mr Elder said.

"I have always maintained an open-door policy for the police union, but in return I would expect the union not to distort what the Coalition Government is doing for the Police."