Police Minister Announces Review of NZ Police

  • Jack Elder

Police Minister Jack Elder today announced a review of the New Zealand Police aimed at freeing up resources for front-time policing.

"They key objective of the review is to optimise the Police's front-line capabilities by ensuring the most cost-effective administrative and management structures are in place," Mr Elder said.

"This Government's aim has always been to strengthen the Police's front-line resources. The Coalition Agreement promised 500 extra police. We are on target to have 286 more officers in place by the end of this financial year, taking the total sworn number to 6692"

This review, which was signalled in the coalition document, should free up further resources for the front line as soon as possible.

"I am aware Police has been focussing for some time on freeing up resources for front-line policing through its Policing 2000 change programme and its INCIS computer project. This review will build on work already well under way to ensure those projects best contribute to the overall goal of strengthening front-line policing," Mr Elder said.

The review would provide recommendations on the most cost effective organisational and structural options for Police for achieving the Government's community safety objectives.

"It will also recommend strategies to achieve this and other possible changes to the management of Police that are likely to improve the cost effectiveness of its current and future operations."

Mr Elder said the review would start immediately and be conducted by Mr Doug Martin, an experienced and respected adviser on public service reform.

It was expected to be completed and a report made back to the Government with recommendations by 31 May, 1998.

"In the meantime, I want to reassure the public that the review process will in no way affect front-line operations and the service Police provide the community."