PM welcomes extension of Chilean education scheme

  • John Key
Prime Minister

Prime Minister John Key has welcomed the Chilean Government’s move to extend its “Penguins Without Borders” scheme, which sees high-achieving Chilean students travelling to New Zealand for six-monthly study visits.

“Penguins Without Borders enables some of Chile’s most ambitious and brightest high school students to experience the best our education system has to offer,” says Mr Ley

“Chile’s Economy Minister, Pablo Longueira, has announced today that the pilot scheme of 40 students will now be widened to 100 for terms three and four this year.

“There is the potential for this to lay the foundations for a regular study programme in New Zealand for high-achieving Chilean students.”

Mr Key is in Chile leading a trade mission of New Zealand businesses. 

New Zealand was the first country to be selected by the Chilean Government for the Penguins Without Borders programme in 2012.

“New Zealand’s selection as the pilot country for this programme speaks volumes for the high regard in which our education system is held,” says Mr Key.

“All up, around 700 Chilean students studied in New Zealand in 2012. We offer a quality curriculum, and a welcoming environment for international students. New Zealand also gives Chilean students the opportunity to develop their English language skills.

“The pilot group, comprising 40 students, arrived in January and members are studying at various schools, mostly in Auckland.

“The new group of 100 students will arrive in New Zealand in July, and will study at schools around the country, and live with local families.

“This programme underscores the close relationship between New Zealand and Chile, and it’s terrific young Chileans have the chance to gain from New Zealand’s world-class education system,” says Mr Key.

Mr Key is leading a trade delegation to Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil, and returns to New Zealand on March 15.