PM urges UNSC to address Syria crisis

  • John Key
Prime Minister

Prime Minister John Key has today urged United Nations Security Council members to show greater leadership over the crisis in Syria.

New Zealand is currently the President of the Security Council and convened a high level meeting on Syria in New York today during UN Leaders’ week.

Mr Key told the Security Council members that no other issue demands the attention of world leaders more urgently than the need to end the Syrian conflict.

“We see a country shattered, terrorism and extremism rampant, and the daily horrors of the deliberate displacement, starving and killing of civilians,” said Mr Key.

“After more than five years of violence, Syria has become a byword for failure.

“It is critical that we rewrite this narrative of failure, and help set Syria on a path to peace.”

Mr Key said the Council needed to commit to restoring the ceasefire, delivering aid to those who need it, and restarting political talks.  

“Last week’s arrangement between US Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov represents the best hope for progress we have seen in some time,” said Mr Key.

“We encourage Russia and the US to show sustained leadership and not let this opportunity slip away, and we urge the Syrian parties to abide by the agreement. This Council should unite to back those efforts.

“Advancing a political solution must be the priority in the weeks ahead.  The people of Syria deserve this much.”