PM delivers speech at International Peace Summit

  • John Key
Prime Minister

Prime Minister John Key addressed the International Peace Summit in Istanbul, where historic bonds and current security challenges were common topics.

“It’s important to acknowledge the bonds forged between New Zealand, Australia and Turkey through acts of kindness and gallantry on both sides of the battle of Gallipoli and the forgiveness and respect that subsequently grew,” says Mr Key.

Prime Minister Key spoke to hundreds of delegates alongside the Prime Ministers of Australia and Turkey, and the President of Iraq.

One hundred years on, we each face security threats of a very different nature and the rise and reach of ISIL is foremost among them.

“New Zealand is a nation of travellers, and our country has close and important relations with countries in the Middle East, in Europe and closer to home in the Asia Pacific region - where terrorist groups are operating.”

“New Zealand must play a role, along with others here today, in standing up to the brutality and extremism of ISIL,” said Mr Key.

Over 25 world leaders attended the summit with Ministers and representatives from over 30 other countries.

“In the lead up to ANZAC Day 2015 and the centenary of the Gallipoli commemorations two days from now, it is timely to reflect on current challenges to international peace and security”, said Mr Key.

“The need for a strong UN Security Council and a focus on conflict prevention has never been greater.”

The Prime Minister also met with the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Turkey, the President of Iraq, and the Emir of Qatar during the Summit.