• Jenny Shipley

Prime Minister Jenny Shipley this evening congratulated a number of young achievers with specific learning disablities who have won Creative Achiever Awards.

The Prime Minister presented the awards at a special function at Premier House in Wellington.

The awards organised by the Specific Learning Disabilities Association (SPELD) are to recognise the creative talents of young New Zealanders with learning disabilities and dyslexia.

The Prime Minister commended them on the range of ways the entrants had expressed their response to their learning difficulties - through prose, poetry, drawings, sculpture and other handcrafts.

"We all have something we can do well, and we should celebrate and be proud of our achievements.

"It's often difficult for people, such as those of you with specific learning disabilities, to overcome the challenges a disability poses and discover what it is that you can do well.

"These awards recognise your unique achievements," Mrs Shipley concluded.