Please Helen, Give It A Rest

  • Tony Ryall

Justice Minister, Tony Ryall, said today that if Helen Clark thinks the Presidents of China and the United States are in New Zealand to provide a ‘photo op' for Jenny Shipley, then she has let bitterness get the better of her.

Mr Ryall was referring to comments made by Ms Clark on radio today in which she attempted to belittle the APEC summit and New Zealand's role in it.

"I'm asking her to give it a rest for just three or four days so New Zealanders can enjoy having these very important people in our country," said Mr Ryall.

"New Zealanders can be immensely proud of how their Prime Minister and Foreign Ministers have represented our country over this testing time.

"With three State visits about to begin, we have an amazing opportunity to show off our country to the world. New Zealanders should be feeling very proud," concluded Mr Ryall.