Phillida's Campaign Drives A Wedge Into Wobbly Left Alliance

  • Roger Sowry
Social Services, Work and Income

The Alliance's matey relationship with Labour is fast developing cracks and will not last a year, predicted Minister of Social Services Roger Sowry.

"Labour's relationship with the Alliance is only skin deep. Today we see Labour snubbing Phillida Bunkle and refusing to endorse her as candidate for Wellington Central.

"Coming on top of the news that Jim Anderton has been rejected as a speaker at Labour's annual party conference, despite the Alliance welcoming Helen Clark with open arms at their own conference earlier this year.

"The question must be asked: how firm is this shaky relationship?

"The reality is vastly different from the rhetoric. On the one hand we hear how the left can form a unified coalition, but in the cold hard light of day the parties are at war amongst themselves and their supporters. The trade unions, the university students associations, local body councillors of both parties are all at odds with each other and their parties.

"Labour hierarchy reeks of arrogance. They will string the Alliance along only for as long as it suits them, which Phillida Bunkle has found out the hard way," said Mr Sowry.