PGF investment to boost local regional economic capacity

  • Fletcher Tabuteau
Regional Economic Development

Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau has announced Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) support to bolster capacity for those working on the frontline of regional economic development.

“Up to $200,000 a year of funding per region for up to two years will be made available to organisations in regions eligible for PGF funding,” Mr Tabuteau said.

“Having capacity funding available to regional economic organisations will address short term capacity issues and give organisations the ability to progress key regional and national economic goals such as job creation and reducing unemployment.

“People living and working in our regions already know the opportunities in their patch and work hard every day to capitalise on those opportunities, but need capacity support to accelerate key projects through the PGF.

“The funding is open to regional economic development agencies (EDAs) or other groups working in regional economic development, and applications for funding will be subject to standard assessment processes.

“This PGF investment is a great example of how our Coalition Government seeks to work, creating an environment which will bring communities on board in shaping the outcomes that affect their place.

“Because it’s not for central government to tell the regions what to do,” Fletcher Tabuteau said.

Notes to editors:

EDAs and other regional organisations who intend to apply for this funding should first speak with Provincial Development Unit staff in their region before submitting an application.