Pest control system wins spatial excellence award

  • Hon Eugenie Sage
Land Information

Ethos Environmental has taken out the Supreme Award at the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards tonight in Wellington for its use of location-based data to help control pest infestations on Great Barrier Island.

Ethos Environmental created an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) Geographic Information System (GIS) to record and analyse rat and feral cat intrusions, report when traps are triggered and monitor biodiversity gains. As a result, Ethos Environmental’s GIS provides a platform for the wider conservation sector to use.

“As technological innovation gathers pace, spatial - or location-based - information continues to prove its worth,” Land Information Minister Eugenie Sage said announcing the winner at the awards ceremony.

“People use spatial information every day, often without realising it. Whether it’s through ride-sharing services like Uber, or finding a local restaurant on Google Maps, spatial information tells people where something is relative to others, and how its position changes over time.

“This information is essential to helping us solve some of New Zealand’s most challenging issues, such as well-planned urban development increasing community resilience in responding to climate change, and improving freshwater quality,” Eugenie Sage said.

“The New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards bring to life stories of cutting-edge research, public sector innovation and commercial success across key areas such earthquake recovery, conservation, transportation, and urban planning.”

The awards are a joint initiative by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), Survey and Spatial New Zealand (S+S NZ), and Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA).

“They showcase the breadth of spatial innovation in New Zealand communities, businesses and government agencies and the quality, expertise and creativity of the people in the spatial industry.

“The awards celebrate the often unrecognised work being done to keep our economy going, help rebuild after disasters, and prepare us for the future.”

Video about winning project

Full list of winners:



Environment & Sustainability

Ethos Environmental

Export & Innovation


People & Community

University of Auckland

Spatial Enablement

Christchurch City Council

Technical Excellence


Education & Professional Development

Robert Odolinski

Professional of the Year

Elaine McAlister

Student of the Year

Julian Thom

Women’s Leadership

Kat Salm

Young Professional of the Year

Claire Buxton

New Zealand Cartographic Society Award

Andrew Douglas-Clifford

Outstanding Contribution to Spatial

Geoff O’Malley

People’s Choice Award

Claire Buxton

Supreme Award

Ethos Environmental