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Kate Wilkinson

31 May, 2011

Payment for parental leave to rise

Paid parental leave payments will increase from 1 July 2011, putting extra money into the pockets of families with new babies.

Minister of Labour Kate Wilkinson says the maximum parental leave payment will increase by $17 from $441.62 per week to $458.82 per week.

The minimum payment for self-employed parents will also increase from $127.50 per week to $130.00 per week.

"The arrival of a new baby is a major event for any family and any increase in financial support at this time is always helpful," Ms Wilkinson says.

The maximum rate of paid parental leave is adjusted every year to account for any increase in average weekly earnings.

Parents eligible for the scheme are entitled to up to 14 weeks paid leave at a rate calculated on the basis of their average weekly earnings.

For more information about Paid Parental Leave and to calculate entitlements go to www.dol.govt.nz/paidparental.

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