Pay Back Time

  • David Carter
Associate Minister of Revenue

"Helen Clark's announcement to Christchurch students that she will abolish the Employment Contracts Act (ECA) reveals that Labour is still a party controlled by the trade union movement and it's "pay back time"," said Hon David Carter, Associate Minister of Revenue.

"The trade union movement has become irrelevant to most New Zealanders and after ten years of non-existence, they now want Labour to deliver them back their former destructive position of power and glory."

"It's pay back time and ordinary Kiwis are going to suffer."

"Labour wants to take New Zealand back to the days when we had regimented labour law and frequent strikes. This should engender fear into the heart of every working New Zealander."

Mr Carter said Helen Clark's promise that the ECA would be repealed was an "anti business and anti productivity" message, despite her assurances otherwise.

"Today's students won't remember when the law prevented people from negotiating their own pay rates, but I can tell you ordinary New Zealanders now used to doing this will be horrified to hear the ECA is under threat."

"Labour's record on employment is clear. When they were last in office New Zealand suffered a loss of around 500 jobs per week. Under National and the ECA more than 620 jobs per week have been created."

"The ECA is now appreciated by the workforce. It allows workers to negotiate better deals with their employers, and its flexibility has helped improve national productivity."

"A recent AC Neilson survey reported in The Employer Magazine confirms that over 75 percent of employees are happy with their current employment conditions, over 74 percent with their employer and over 84 percent with their job. So why change the ECA, except to satisfy the demands of the unions?"