Opposition To Direct Resourcing Reaching Turning Point

  • Wyatt Creech

"PPTA members at Central Hawkes Bay College have overstepped the mark with their opposition to direct resourcing of teachers' salaries," Education Minister Wyatt Creech said today.

"I am appalled at the intimidation and pressure teachers have placed on the Board of Trustees at Central Hawkes Bay College. It is a very serious situation when the actions of one group forces a Board of Trustees to give up on a school and resign.

"Under the Tomorrows' Schools system Boards of Trustees are elected to govern schools in the best interests of their communities and to reflect the views of their communities.

"The PPTA members at Central Hawkes Bay College are undermining Tomorrows' Schools. They are also undermining the Government's policy of giving schools the freedom to chose whether to be directly resourced. Central Hawkes Bay College has not had the freedom to chose, in addition the community's wishes are not being reflected in the running of the College.

"I have taken the matter up with the Secretary of Education. Intimidation has no place in our education system or in our education decisions.

"Students and their education have been forgotten in this case. Politics have taken over. I do not believe any parent would find this situation acceptable.

"It is becoming more and more obvious that the PPTA is preoccupied with fighting direct resourcing. The secondary teacher pay talks are suffering as a result. The Government wants the pay talks settled before Christmas. The PPTA however seems more interested in keeping the employment contract expired so they can disrupt and threaten schools," Mr Creech said.