• Maurice Williamson
Information Technology

A new initiative aimed at protecting New Zealand children from illicit material on the internet, was launched today by the Minister for Information Technology, Hon Maurice Williamson.

"The Online Safety pamphlet sets out practical steps parents can take to minimise the risk to their children from objectionable material on the internet," the Minister said. "Parents should be spending time with their children online, to find out what they are doing and who their online friends are. Also knowing who the internet service provider is, that your child uses and the types of information they offer is essential. "Attempting to stop objectionable material coming into the country over the internet is impossible without also denying New Zealanders access to the useful information and services that are available.

"International agreements between Governments along with the recently agreed New Zealand Internet Service Provider Code, will assist with the management of internet porn and other abhorrent material. "But the best protection for our children, is
parental participation in and supervision of family online time and this pamphlet provides a user friendly framework for that to happen," said Mr Williamson.

Online Safety