Online government services prove popular

  • Chris Tremain
Internal Affairs

The number of online transactions with government continues to grow, with figures up for the second time since measurements began says Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain.

Figures released today show 38.6 per cent of New Zealanders used secure online government services during the October to December quarter, up from 32.4 per cent for the first quarter. When measurements started in June the figure was at 29.9 per cent.

“As part of a plan by the government to provide better public services a target was set for 70 per cent of New Zealanders’ most common transactions with government to be done digitally by 2017,” says Mr Tremain.

“While we have a long way to go to reach the target we are making significant progress towards that goal. I am encouraged that New Zealanders are so comfortable with completing a range of transactional services online.

“The speed of the new online adult passport renewal service has been given a five star rating by customers. Since its launch in November over 36 thousand passports have been processed. Reports indicate the application process can be done quickly and passports are received within three days.”

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