One Thousand New Houses For Auckland

  • Tony Ryall
Housing New Zealand Ltd

Up to 1000 homes in Greater Auckland will be built for Housing New Zealand over the next two years, says Housing New Zealand Minister Tony Ryall.

Housing New Zealand plans to acquire up to 1000 new homes in Auckland in the next two years as part of the Government's plan to significantly increase housing stock in the city. Housing New Zealand currently has around 24,000 houses in Auckland.

Speaking at the official opening of a 25-unit housing village for mainly older people in Clendon, Manurewa, Mr Ryall said the Government is determined to keep up with Auckland's growth.

"Just as we are investing heavily in expanding schools and upgrading hospitals here in Greater Auckland, we also want to increase the availability of reasonably priced rental homes in areas where housing pressures are greatest.

"Housing New Zealand didn't meet the Government's expectations of expanding its housing stock in Auckland as quickly as we wanted in the last year.

"The company will do better this year, expecting to access around 500 new homes both this year and the next for Housing New Zealand's target customers.

"Housing New Zealand also has a role to play in encouraging private sector investment in new homes"

Mr Ryall, was speaking at the opening of Eion Scarrow Village, comprising 25 architecturally designed units for mainly older residents; predominantly in their 60s with a mix of married couples, and single or widowed people.

The village is on the bus route and is some 50 metres from a large shopping complex with supermarket, and the library, doctors and community centre are nearby.

The Village is named after TV's "Dig This" host Eion Scarrow, whose former Clendon home neighboured another Housing New Zealand development. Mr Scarrow joined Mr Ryall in officially opening the village.

Mr Ryall continued, "parts of Mount Maunganui are in my electorate. We're seeing a huge expansion in own-our-own-home retirement villages there. These residential complexes are supported by community facilities such as communal areas and open spaces.

"What we're seeing here in Clendon is akin to the beginnings of a rental retirement village; giving Housing New Zealand customers, who are past the stage of raising a family, the chance to move out of larger houses, into a supportive environment with other people entering their retirement years.

"I expect to see Housing New Zealand developing this concept further over the next few years" said Mr Ryall.