Olympics Offers Huge Opportunity For New Zealand

  • Murray McCully
Sport Fitness and Leisure

New Zealanders totally underestimate the benefits which the Sydney Olympics in the year 2000 will bring New Zealand, according to Sports Minister Murray McCully.

Speaking at the launch of the Olympic torch relay, the Minister referred to the recent report of Australia's Tourism Forecasting Council.

"The 130 000 athletes, administrators, coaches and journalists who will attend the Games are merely the tip of a huge iceberg. The TFC forecasts 1.6 million additional visitors to Australia between now and 2004 as a result of the Olympics promotional impact, over $6 billion in additional foreign exchange and 150 000 additional jobs".

"About 64% of our long haul visitors also visit Australia. Looked at from their point of view, about a quarter of Australia's long haul visitors also visit New Zealand".

"It isn't rocket science to work out the huge opportunity we have as a result of the Olympics".

"That's why we are making a considerable effort to work with the Olympics organisers".

"Last week I had a further meeting with SOCOG Chief Executive Sandy Hollway, to ensure that we are maximising our opportunities. He and his colleagues continue to welcome our strong interest and participation".