Offer made to allow Rifle Champs at Trentham

  • Mark Burton

A proposal has been put to the National Rifle Association which, if accepted, will allow the National Championships to go ahead at Trentham next month, the Minister of Defence Mark Burton announced today.

"The decision to close the Trentham Rifle Range was made because the range does not comply with safety standards.

"Regretfully, this was a decision that had to be taken, and it understandably caused some concern with the Ballinger Belt competition due to be held in January.

"I have encouraged the NRA and the Army to continue talking, to try and reach a solution that would avoid a cancellation of the national championships.

"As a result of the constructive negotiations, a detailed offer has been put to the NRA. The safety issues have been carefully addressed, and if certain conditions are met regarding alterations to the range, the type of ammunition used, army supervision and agreement from the Upper Hutt City Council and any other affected landowners, the range will be opened specifically for this particular event.

"I am hopeful the NRA will accept the offer made, which should enable 140 years of tradition to be preserved, whilst ensuring all responsible measures have been taken to maintain public safety," Mark Burton said.