Offender levy supporting victims of crime

  • Amy Adams

More support services are available to victims of crime thanks to the Government’s offender levy which has generated more than $16.6 million since its introduction, says Justice Minister Amy Adams.

The $50 levy is imposed on all offenders at the point of sentencing and contributes to support services for victims.

“While we can never undo the hurt and grief that victims suffer as a result of crime, this levy helps ease some of the financial and emotional pressures,” says Ms Adams.

“The offender levy ensures offenders contribute to addressing the harm their offending has caused. It also generates a revenue stream that funds additional services for victims of crime.”

In the 2013/14 financial year, cash received from the offender levy totalled more than $4 million, with another $4 million forecast for the next financial year. More than $16.6 million has been collected since the levy was introduced in 2010 – $3 million higher than expected.

Ms Adams said $16.6 million had gone towards funding 15 new grants and services to provide key victim support services which were not previously available.

“As a result, we’ve been able to increase funding and support to victims of crime through the safe@home programme for women and families at high risk of serious injury or death from family violence, grants to assist families of homicide victims and additional support for victims of sexual violence.”

“Initiatives like the offender levy are just one part of our wider focus to create a justice system which puts the rights of victims before those of offenders.

“Over the next three years, the Government will continue to focus on developing a stronger response to family violence and strengthening efforts to better support victims across the justice sector,” says Ms Adams.