Odometers - the LTSA View

  • John Delamare

Customs Minister Hon Tuariki Delamere, releasing a letter today from the Land Transport Safety Authority concerning rewound odometers, said he hoped it would help clear some of the confusion in the public mind.

"Some people, operating from their own political or commercial agendas, have been determined to mislead the country about the intent and timing of the recently announced changes in Government policy on rewound odometers," he said.

"In particular, I welcome the LTSA's stated position that 'the odometer reading is relevant to the economic value' of a vehicle and 'there are no major safety issues that are compromised by winding back a vehicle's odometer'.

"As the Authority points out, no-one can guarantee that a vehicle's odometer has not been tampered with. Accordingly, the proper recourse for anyone who feels they have been defrauded is to use the relevant consumer protection legislation, which the Government is committed to tightening up," said the Minister.