October Fall in Registered Unemployment

  • Wyatt Creech

Registered unemployment fell slightly again last month, Minister of Employment, Wyatt Creech, said today.

Latest figures from the Employment Service show that 153,906 people are registered as unemployed - a drop of 227 since the previous month.

Students and seasonal workers looking for holiday jobs are starting to enrol, so there are a number of new people coming onto the register. However Im pleased to see that the drop in very long-term job seekers is continuing, as is the decrease in Maori unemployment.

The other interesting fact is that while the number of male job seekers fell by 425, there was an increase of 198 in women registering as looking for work. Its another indication that the changes to benefit abatement and the Services publicity campaigns are working. said Mr Creech.

The quarterly Household Labour Force Survey by Statistics New Zealand is the official measure of unemployment. Registered unemployment figures are issued monthly by NZ Employment Service, and reflect the numbers of people who have chosen to enrol with the service.