October crime stats released as Police introduce new crime data reporting tool

  • Judith Collins

A new reporting tool has been introduced to create a more user-friendly and interactive experience for the public and the media to access crime information, says Police Minister Judith Collins.

Previously, monthly crime statistics have been released by Statistics NZ under the Recorded Crime Offender Statistics (RCOS) and Recorded Crime Victimisation Statistics (RCVS) data sets.

While the new online tool, policedata.nz, utilises the same data sets, it allows for more interaction with the crime data including graphing information on screen and adjustable time periods for quick and easy access to data.

“While the data sets remain the same, this new tool will allow the public and the media, quick and easy access to relevant information.

“To ensure an independent oversight of the new reporting tool, Statistics NZ have been working with Police to ensure the tool accurately reports the official statistics.

“As with all Government statistics, Police and Statistics NZ will continue to work in partnership on the release of official crime data on a monthly basis.

This month’s crime figures continue to show an upwards trend with a 5 per cent increase in victimisations in the 12-month period, to 31 October, year-on-year. This equates to 13,288 more victimisations in the last 12 months.

“Burglary continues to be the major contributing factor to this increase in victimisations, accounting for over 82 per cent (or 10,947 victimisations) of the increase.

“Police continue to work extremely hard in our communities to keep them safe. They are now attending over 90% of burglaries as per the new attendance policy introduced on 29 August 2016. This policy will be reviewed in December,” Ms Collins says.