NZSIS Amendment Bill introduced

  • John Key
NZ Security Intelligence Service Prime Minister

Prime Minister John Key today introduced legislation to amend the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service Act 1969.

The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service Amendment Bill will update the Act to reflect legal and technological developments made in the past four decades and their impacts on the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS).

“This country’s security legislation needs to be relevant to the global security environment in which the NZSIS operates,” says Mr Key.

“The original legislation was drafted over 40 years ago, and updating it is long overdue.

“The amendments to the Act will help the NZSIS work more effectively with the Police and other agencies, and will also ensure the NZSIS is equipped to deal with modern challenges.”

The Bill updates the warrants framework, with specific regard to electronic tracking devices; computer surveillance; and technology, like mobile phones and cyber identities.

“These amendments modernise the powers of the NZSIS,” says Mr Key. “Many of these powers, such as electronic tracking, are specifically provided for in legislation covering agencies such as Police and Customs.

“It’s vital, when amending this Act, that the Government strikes the right balance between the privacy of New Zealanders, and the security of the country,” says Mr Key.

A copy of a regulatory impact statement, prepared to help inform the main policy decisions on the Bill, can be found at: