NZDF contribution in Afghanistan increased

  • Mark Mitchell

The New Zealand Defence Force’s 10-person contribution to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan is to be increased by three personnel.

“New Zealand has been contributing to Afghanistan’s stability since 2001, and we remain committed to the international community’s objectives there,” says Defence Minister Mark Mitchell.

“A deteriorating security situation has prompted the international community to refocus its efforts. Countries around the globe are making decisions to increase contributions to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for terrorist organisations.

“New Zealand will continue to stand alongside our partners in supporting stability in Afghanistan and countering the threat of international terrorism,” Mr Mitchell says.

The 10 Defence Force personnel currently in Afghanistan are working as mentors and support personnel at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy in Kabul.

Two of the extra personnel will deploy to positions within Mission Headquarters in Kabul, and one will deploy to the Academy as a physical training instructor.

Resolute Support is a non-combat mission. New Zealand’s contribution is mandated until 30 June 2018.