NZ welcomes Indonesian move on nuclear test ban

  • Georgina te Heuheu
Disarmament and Arms Control

New Zealand warmly welcomes Indonesia’s ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), Disarmament Minister Georgina te Heuheu said today.

“New Zealand is a longstanding supporter of the CTBT, and we congratulate Indonesia for its leadership on this important global issue.”

First opened for signature in 1996, the CTBT will put into place a binding and verifiable ban on all nuclear test explosions worldwide once it enters into force.

"To enter into force, the treaty must be ratified by 44 states with significant nuclear activities. With Indonesia’s ratification, 36 of those states have now done so," Mrs te Heuheu says.

“Each of the 44 states carries a special responsibility. Indonesia has lived up to that responsibility today by ratifying the treaty and bringing a global ban on nuclear testing a step closer."

“The CTBT is a key part of the international nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime. New Zealand calls on those remaining states who have not yet ratified this critical treaty to join Indonesia and do so without delay,” Mrs te Heuheu said.