NZ welcomes further pause in fighting in Gaza

New Zealand welcomes the further one-day extension of the pause in fighting, which will allow the delivery of more urgently-needed humanitarian aid into Gaza and the release of more hostages, Foreign Minister Winston Peters said.

“The human cost of the conflict is horrific, and New Zealand wants to see the violence end. We call on all parties involved in the conflict, as well as countries with influence in the region, to work urgently towards a long-term ceasefire”, Mr Peters said.

“We reiterate that all remaining hostages must be released. New Zealand continues to unequivocally condemn Hamas’ terrorist attack of 7 October.  

“We have consistently supported the right of Israel to defend itself against Hamas’ terrorist attacks, though we repeat our call for international humanitarian law to be observed by all sides and in all circumstances. 

“Ultimately, there can be no military solution. We need to return to the Middle East Peace Process”, Mr Peters said.