NZ welcomes Afghanistan election result

  • Murray McCully
Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has welcomed the announcement of Afghanistan’s new President and Government of National Unity.

“This has been a closely fought election and the people of Afghanistan have been waiting for a result since the presidential election runoff took place in July,” Mr McCully said

“On behalf of the New Zealand Government I congratulate President-elect Ashraf Ghani on his success and Abdullah Abdullah, who has the option to take up a senior role in Afghanistan’s new Government of National Unity.

“It is important for Afghanistan’s peace and security that there is a democratic transition of power from President Karzai to his successor.

“We commend the efforts of the Afghan electoral system, international election monitors, and the role of the US Secretary of State John Kerry in helping the parties to negotiate a successful resolution.

“New Zealand remains committed to supporting stability in Afghanistan, including through ongoing development programmes in Bamyan Province and through assisting the training of the Afghan National Security Forces in Kabul,” Mr McCully says.