NZ signs working holiday scheme with Spain

  • Jonathan Coleman

Up to 200 young New Zealanders will be able to live in Spain for a year and work for up to six months under a new reciprocal working holiday scheme, Immigration Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman announced today.

The scheme was signed in Wellington today by Dr Coleman and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Angel Lossada Torres-Quebedo, in the presence of the King and Queen of Spain and Prime Minister John Key. It will enter into force when both countries have completed the necessary legal procedures. 

"This is a fantastic opportunity for our young people aged between 18 and 30 to sample the life and culture in Spain. It will also help stimulate the interest of young Spanish people to holiday and work in New Zealand," Dr Coleman said.

"This is the first scheme of its type that Spain has joined. New Zealand and Spain enjoy a good relationship full of potential which schemes like this can enhance.

"Working holiday schemes encourage mutual interest in other countries, and help promote important links between countries. New Zealand has 14 working holiday schemes with other European Union countries."

The Ministers also signed a mutual voting rights agreement enabling New Zealanders resident in Spain to vote in municipal elections there, and Spanish people resident here to vote in New Zealand's general and local elections.