NZ to provide $1million in aid to Nepal

  • Murray McCully
Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has announced that New Zealand will make an initial contribution of $1 million to assist Nepal following yesterday’s devastating earthquake.

“New Zealand’s contribution will be provided to agencies that are active on the ground and have the capability to provide immediate assistance,” Mr McCully says.

“A number of countries, including India and China, are deploying Urban Search and Rescue or response teams. New Zealand has offered to assist, but at this stage it is clear that Nepal’s close neighbours have been able to deploy teams rapidly.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff are continuing to work hard to confirm the well-being of New Zealanders in Nepal.

“The Ministry has made contact with more than 110 New Zealanders. Given the scale of this disaster, and the fact that communications remain intermittent, it may take time to account for all the New Zealanders in the affected area,” Mr McCully says.