NZ Gives $300,000 For Indonesia Poor

  • Don McKinnon
Foreign Affairs and Trade

New Zealand will contribute $300,000 to a Community Recovery Programme to help alleviate growing poverty in Indonesia, Foreign Affairs Minister Don McKinnon announced today.

Mr McKinnon said Indonesia's economic crisis, coming on top of a prolonged drought and forest fires earlier this year, has caused widespread economic hardship for millions of Indonesians.

"The World Bank calculates the number of Indonesians living in poverty may rise from 24 million to 40 million this year. Many families are unable to buy sufficient food and other basic necessities," Mr McKinnon said.

The Community Recovery Programme is a grass-roots scheme established by the Indonesian Government and uses local non-governmental organisations to help those most in need.

Mr McKinnon said New Zealand's funding would come from the Official Development Assistance allocation for Indonesia. It would be paid to the United Nations Development Programme, which was coordinating international donor assistance to the Community Recovery Programme.

"Indonesian society has long been underpinned by traditional family-based social support networks. The economic crisis has placed these traditional networks under extreme pressure. Our contribution to the Community Recovery Programme is a practical way to help those most affected by the economic crisis and support a near neighbour facing difficult times", Mr McKinnon concluded.